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   Fifth Dimension  People to People Connection Services    



Our Vision        Our Mission  




Our Vision Our Mission


   Our Vision    Our Mission   
Fifth Dimension People to People Connection Services  



My name is Robin FahZoom.~  
I am a team member in
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
Cosmic Transformation.~

Most of humanity is shifting  from
third dimension, secret slavery~
into Fifth Dimension~ freedom, Llove 
and abundance for all.   

<><><>   <><><> 

The Main Missions:                                   The Main Missions
I have incarnated here on Earth
to be a major player in designing the structures and the formats
for accomplishing the following six, specific missions.   

My initial job is to design a simple, easy to understand   
Fifth Dimension, Cosmic Awareness Training Program.~  
That mission has been accomplished.        

My second mission is to design the prototype
for the first Fifth Dimension community on Earth.  
This unique community is called FahZoom Town.~
That mission has been accomplished.   

My third mission is to open the door for
mindless, robot-like Christians
to wake up and see the ignored teachings of Jesus,
to see that Jesus is telling us that
we are Gods, and that we are great creators .
Reference: Conscious Christianity~
That mission has been accomplished. 



My fourth mission has two major aspects.  
One is to both design and to physically create
a system through which
5d consciousness people can find and
connect with others of like mind.~  

5d People to People Connection Services
will dramatically speed up the shift
from  3d consciousness~ to  5d consciousness.~    
It will
bring in more active team players.  
It will have at least three money-generating aspects. 
It will also inspire one or more wealthy individuals
to fund everything.
The design is complete.      
The physical construction is in the beginning stage.

The second part of our fourth mission
is to design and then physically build the first
Foundation - Corporation Partnership
Win-Win, Business Structure.~  
5d People to People Connection Services
is being built using this legal structure.

For full details, see the above link. 

For an assessment of this business format go to:
The design is complete.      
Building the physical construct is in the beginning stage.

My reward from myself and to myself
for accomplishing the first four  missions
is that I am a major player in a fifth mission.  
The fifth mission is to return Earth
to its original role as the home of
one of the twelve living libraries of cosmic knowledge.~

Because entertainment is a powerful way
to open peoples minds to new ideas, many aspects of
Fifth Dimension, Cosmic Awareness Training Program
will be presented in an entertainment format.

This is part of our sixth mission
to create Nice Play Park,~
an entertainment,  center in FahZoom Town.  
The basic concept is complete.   Beyond that,    
Nice Play Park, is still in the planning stage.     

As you can see, all the pieces fit together
as if the were designed by the mind of God+Goddess


The Vision and Mission



R. R.

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Our Vision Our Mission   

The Money-Generating Aspects    

Fifth Dimension Sexual Ecstasy

CLI-Connection Sex     




R. R.

   The Money-Generating Aspects  


At least two aspects of  

Fifth Dimension People to People Connection Services

will be managed as profit making businesses.  

***   First, we have created and are now expanding a
        Fifth Dimension version of a dating service.

***   Second, we invite people and businesses that have   
      5d-related products and/or services for salel
        to advertise their products and services on our website.

Participation in our dating services and
advertising products and services to others
is limited to human who are aspirating
to learn Fifth Dimension consciousness and eventually
become full Fifth Dimension Conscious beings.  

<><><>  <><><>   ><><><
There are other parts of FahZoom Town
that will also generate income
Fifth Dimension, Cosmic Awareness Training Program~

FahZoom Town Homes, Farms, and Organic Foods~
Nice Play Park~
Hemp Farming and Hemp Product Production~

When we look at the over all project, FahZoom Town,~
You'll notice how well all six major aspects fit together,
blend together, and work intimately with each other.  

The physical structures are designed for multiple use.
For example, our food services aspect
will serve all six aspects of the community.  
As another example, 
Nice Play Park~ and  Safe-Haven Rescue, N. CA~
both use the same physical facilities.    

The Money-Generating aspects



R. R.

   Replacing False Sexual Beliefs   


If you live on planet Earth, you can be confident that
you have been mind-manipulated,~
that you are all but overwhelmed
by one or more pieces of unconscious mind control.  

Here is a personal example: 
Me, Robert, as a very young child,
took on my parents' dysfunctional,
internal sense of who and
what they believed themselves to be.  

I took on their sense of self worth,
or more accurately, their lack of self worth.

In 1935, my parents were young adults. 
They shared a few minutes of sexual pleasure,
and as a result, my mother got pregnant
with my older brother.  
In those days, if a couple produced a pregnancy
they had to get married.





  Fifth Dimension Sensual Ecstasy     



Planet Earth was originally intended to be
and is once again, going to become
the Living Library of Cosmic Knowledge.   

The 12 strand DNA~
is being reinstalled in our human bodies.  
When this process is completed,
the human emotional power
that comes with heart-centered,
Lloving, caring, compassionate
and passionate sexual sharing
will open the door to the living library.  

Accessing the Living Library requires
achieving extended, high states of orgasmic bliss.  

Candidates invited to participate with us
will receive intensive training in
how to become
5d Orgasmic.
5d Orgasmic is
High frequency, 

      Repeatable as often as you like


      Multiple orgasms in a single session
      Stay in orgasm for several minutes
Expanded in intensity
      Intensity beyond anything you've ever experienced before
Full-being orgasmic.   

      Sensations anywhere & everywhere in your body  

Profound afterglow    
      The freshly-fucked feeling lasts for hours 

Our body, our beliefs, and our sensual/ sexual practices
are the pathway to the Living Library.    
The strong, basic human emotions
when amplified by the emotional energy of
sensual and sexual sharing will allow humans to
return Earth to it's original intention.  

The difference is that this time, the power of
the combination of
Essassani Essence,
Human Essence, and the
conscious and intention use of the emotions of sex
will be amplify the power exponentially.  

We will reach levels of God consciousness in human form
that are way beyond anything that was
ever even considered as possible before.    

Read More at:    

Fifth Dimension Sexual Ecstasy 



R. R.

   5d   C L I C       CLI-Connection Sex  

Another FahZoom Town Original Creation

CLI-Connection Sex in one of the pieces in
Fifth Dimension People to People Connection Service

CLIC stands for
Caring and Lloving Intimacy Connections

The most exciting part of FahZoom Town
are the teams that are preparing themselves
to be the first to open a  door for
the return to Earth of
The Living Library of Cosmic Knowledge

in case you haven't yet heard,
the training is about learning how to
reach extended levels of
bliss, joy, and ecstasy
beyond anything humans
have ever experienced before.  

that path is primarily
through tactile experiences in physical bodies
by two God-Being physically expressing
how much they liked and Lloved
themselves and each other.   

And that, my friend, is SEX
taken to the level of actually blending with
another God-Being while both are in physical form.      

CLI-Connectiopn Sex



R. R.

   Putting  the Pieces Together  


All the pieces are ready for assembly.

TLC-Life-Center already exists and is
the N.P.O. half of our win-win partnership.  

The Corporate half of the partnership is
The 5d People to people Connection Services.

Everything required, in terms of technology
and the human technical skills
to put all the pieces  together
to meet our needs,
all that already exist.  
We are now simply putting these pieces together
in new ways and creating something
that never existed before.    




R. R.

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