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Sensual Delights Network   




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The Sensual Delights Network     SDNet
is an major aspect of the
Fifth Dimension People to People Connection Services.  

Why?   Because sensuality and sexuality are
major aspects of physical human life.  
For example, orgasm is a brief connection
to the bliss of your Godhood.  
Its also one of the most powerful pathways to divinity.

Sexuality and everything related to it
has been grossly distorted by
the evil ones who used lies about sex
(guilt, shame, fear, etc.) to control humanity.  

Interviewed with Woman from the planet Pleiades - YouTube
Minute  16:45 to Minute  18:00

Current consciousness about sex is grossly distorted.  
Sex has been made into the exact opposite of what it actually is.   
The concepts of consciously using the emotional energy of sex almost unknown.  It's only used to sell product and  make more moneys. 

We, the TLC-Life-Center Team are committed to
bringing sexuality into its rightful place in human life. 
Sex is far more than grunting and struggling
to reach seven seconds of orgasm and then
fall into a stupor of sleep.

The orgasmic state of consciousness can be
very joyfully experienced with or without sharing bodily fluids. 
It can also be reached without physical contact
and it can be reached without physical stimulation.

As another example, when I reached
my basic level of Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
I discovered how to experience both multiple orgasm
and extended orgasms lasting minutes.
I now teach that process t my advanced students.




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SDNet hasanew website







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Sensual Delights Network  
     RE: Join the Llove Team
You are invited to work with us
to design, build, manage, and celebrate the re-discovery of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove: 
To find our invitation, go to:
Then click the link titled Sensual Delights Network    

Abraham Hicks ~ Sex & Emotional Bonding - YouTube
Minute seven:   
"I want to be guided from my broader perspective on tis topic."
"Sexual energy and non-physical energy are much the same tenergy."

Orgasm is a communion with God.

Sexual Energy Diagram Graphic  See:  Paper notes page 1310

Sex and the Living Library of Cosmic Knowledge  

Sex -- Fifth Dimension Sex    

The Yoni Dance book Trilogy

Yoni Dance Book Trilogy -- Book One
The Ultimate "How to" book about Fifth Dimension Sex.
All those things your parents never taught you.

Yoni Dance Book Trilogy -- Book Two 
The Ultimate "How to" book about Fifth Dimension Sex,
All those things your parents never taught you.       




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Sensuality and Sexuality 





"there is an entire world out there,
and right next to us,
that cannot be perceived by our senses

"Science has already shown us that matter is not the only reality, and that there is an entire world out there, and right next to us, that cannot be perceived by our senses. Physicists have actually measured this “invisible” world, and science has shown us that thoughts, feelings, emotions, energy transfer, and more all play a crucial role in understanding the makeup of our physical material world."        


The Stress Sex Connection  

<><><>   <><><>

Ascension Glossary – Genital Mutilation Galactic Connection


Sexuality Best of Abraham Hicks  -
YouTube  19:55

Abraham Hicks - Sexual Energy is an Extension of Source Energy - YouTube    35:22

Abraham Hicks - Sexuality and Sex Appeal - YouTube

Abraham Hicks 💜 How to become very ATTRACTIVE! -
YouTube  11:29

Abraham Hicks - Letting go of Sexual Hang ups
YouTube       19:35


Sex    Page Content  




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   Biological symmetry of  the human body  


MindBlowing Secrets of the All Seeing Eye, Your Pineal Gland Third Eye! - YouTube   1:2:40

Lifting the veil
UNLOCK⎪Teleportation Activation Frequency 7.480 Hz⎪The Key To Activate ULTRA INSTINCT Awareness Tone     2:00:00

You Want An Out Of Body Experience...Learn How With Thomas Campbell - YouTube







Sex in Other Civilizations 

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Humans from the Future, Timeline Wars, Aliens, Consciousness & Ascension - YouTube     Recorded October 28, 2017         2:25:41

Corey Goode offers a very brief peek into the personal relationships in
the Anshar Civilization  minute 20:00  to minute 21:00
      No marriage. 
      They live in family groups. 
      Members of the family group assist each other in child raising.  
      Sex is an energetic exchange
We live in an Electric Universe.       

The Message for Humankind Gaia

SphereBeing Alliance












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