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Papa Bear and the Princess 




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In social media, TLC-Life-Center Team
is using a catchy title for our outreach work.  
We are sharing our training services and
the concepts we show to the world
under the title of
Papa Bear and the Princess
Papa Bear and the princess talk about living life
in Fifth Dimension Consciousness.
We discuss The Rules of Reality
and How the Universe Functions  
in simple, easy to understand language.

Robin FahZoom leads the way as Papa Bear.  
He represents the to elder generation.  
The Princes is played by a young woman
who can attract the attention of her peers, 
people under the age of thirty.  

At this time, we are interviewing candidates
to play the role of The Princess.   
We are looking for a woman who is youthful,
light- hearted, innocent in appearance, playful, and
committed to becoming fully conscious
as a  fifth dimension being.

If you fit this description and are willing to play,
contact us.      




R. F.

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Page Summary   

Papa Bear   How the Story Began






R. F.

   Papa Bear  --  How the Stories Began  


Papa Bear is the name folks gave to my crazy Uncle Ernie.
Uncle Ernie  lived in my grandmother's attic.  

When he was pretending to be Papa Bear,
Uncle Ernie was a great story teller. 
He told stories about events that he experienced
when he entered  the mini-worlds
that he found in an old trunk   in   in my grandma's attic.   

Everybody said he was crazy,
so nobody else ,except me ever bothered to
learned how to see into these invisible worlds.  
But, I didn't say anything to anybody 'cause,
I didn't want nobody to call me crazy.  

Oh by the way, my name is   Millie Pringle.  
Folks call me Princess. 

When I was nine, Uncle Ernie and me began to take walks together
in the park, down by blueberry creek.   
Mama would say to us, "Go out and play in the park,
and you two take care of each other, you here."
I didn't think that either on of us needed a care taker,
but I always said, "Sure, Mama."  and off we'd go to the park.

On our third walk in the park, I asked Uncle Ernie
why folks called him crazy.   
He said he'ld tell me, but  only if I swore an oath of secrecy.  
He said, to access these mini-worlds
I'd also have to say the magic words.

When we got back from the park,
I went up into the attic with him.
I swore an oath of secrecy and
he whispered the magic words,
I repeated them and immediately,
I got drawn into his world.
More on that later.

Most folks still say uncle Ernie was crazy and
that his imaginary worlds didn't exist.    
Well, for Uncle Ernie and me, they were very real
and for me, I now understand
how and why they are real.~ 

When I learned how to talk with  Papa Bear,
He explained that we could see into his world
only after  we learned
how to vibrated in a different family of vibrations.  

He said that if all the frequencies of vibration
were lined up from Los Angeles to New york
(that's about 3,000 mils,
the vibrations that we humans can perceive (sight. sound, etc.)
is about a half inch wide,
about the width of a dime.

Uncle Ernie would sit quietly for about a minute. 
He says he'd talk to a real, sum-total, and complete God
and asks to receive another delightful story.  

Then, with his left hand, 
he'd reach into one of these invisible worlds
and touch something.   

When he did that,  he'd become intimately connected to
whatever he touched. and  an invisible being called Papa Beare.  
would impress Uncle Ernie mind with a story about what he had touched,
Uncle Ernie would receive  pictures, sounds,
tastes, smells, and tactile sensations.  
Papa Beare answered the questions that Uncle Ernie aked.

What I still  get today are the same impressions and stories like
Uncle Ernie's  journeys and my original journeys with Papa Bear.   

Robin FahZoom~
already knows how to connect with Papa Beare,
so together we tell stories.      





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