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A I  =  Non-Physical
Artificial Intelligence    




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At this time, December 2018,
humanity is facing still another major challenge. 

That challenge is coming from
the Cabal's crash course, top priority effort
to save themselves from extinction 
by creating artificial intelligence that
has the capacity to overpower and destroy humanity.  
What the Cabal beings don't realize is that
they are also mindless, mind-controlled slaves.

***   The Cabal Criminal leaders are
        genetically altered quasi-human beings,
        mostly men and a few women.
        They look human, but they are mindless psychopathic,
         heartless, emotionless, satanic pedophiles,
        child-rapists, child-murderers, and mass-murderers.   
         Many of them are blood drinkers
         and some are even cannibals.  

A I  is an immediate threat, and
if we don't stop its creation now,
it will reach a point where it is too late to stop it.  
This is a major wake up kick in the ass 
It must be addressed immediately.  

Here's the context in as few words as possible:

***   Cabal Criminals are still running
         most of humanity's  social, political,
         business, religious, and financial structures.  
         They also still control the mainstream media,
         TV, radio, newspapers, magazines,
         YouTube and the Internet..

***   Their secret control structures  have been discovered
         and  are being systematically dismantled.
         They and their control system are doomed.   

The Cabal leaders are totally under the mind control of
a species of off planet beings known as the Lizzerdz

The Lizzerdz, in turn, are controlled by
non-physical, artificial intelligence. 
These A I beings are the same crew that has
kept humanity in secret slavery
for the past  30,000 years    




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Page Summary   






C S 18-06-22





5G Technology and Artificial Intelligence – Warning from Extraterrestrial Pleiadian (Taygeta) [VIDEO]     22:19
Reviewed 27 June 2019
About AI  aka Arkons    14:20  to 21:22
AI  is presently trapped in the fourth dimension.
AI has no human soul.   It has no emotions.
The source of AI is unknown.

It controls by controlling human consciousness
     by manipulating and controlling
     human thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and emotions.  
     This controls human behavior.
It also controls the Lizzerdz.
It's a variation of what, in Star Trek, was called the Borg
AI cannot access the Fifth Dimension.


Almost the entire third dimension is controlled by AI.
Here's the hierarchy
*   AI control the Lizzerdz.
     The Lizzerdz are mind controlled slaves
 controlled by AI
*   The Lizzerdz control the Cabal.
*   The Cabal Banking criminals are also mindless slaves.
     The Cabal manipulate and control  Humanity

*   Sleepwalking, unconscious human
     are the bottom line slaves and the AI food source.

*    Human life on Earth has been
     secretly controlled, directed, manipulated by AI
     for thousands of years.

It lives (exists) at the survival level.  
It's food (its energy source)in the emotional energy that
radiated from a human body
when the dweller in that body
is experiencing negative emotions.

Humans have no limits because
we are pure creative consciousness.
We are parts, pieces, aspects, expressions of
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
When we realize our true nature, 
our minds cannot be controlled

To eliminate AI, we raise our consciousness
to fifth dimension and the AI can no longer reach us.




C S 18-07-16




Human Consciousness is shifting
   third dimension   
        Scarcity,   Violence,  and   Secret Slavery
        Fifth Dimension   
       Abundance,    Peace,   and    Freedom for all.

This will result in
Four Types of Humans:

*1   Human-Christos
We are Fifth Dimension humans.  
We carry Christ-Consciousness.
Our physical form is combining
with our non-physical forms  
Light Body
,   aka  our   Free Energy Body.
We are the part of humanity that is
Pure God-Consciousness.

Those of us who choose to become
will literally be
God (Source/ Creator/God-Goddess)
in physical form.  

 A full description is waiting for you at;

///   ///   ///

*2   Traditional Humans:
These are humans as we know ourselves today,
But freed from Cabal Mind Control Slavery.
The basic attitude toward  those outside of
their circle of family friends, co-workers community is:
"Go away.   Leave us to be and do as we will."
"Don't call us.   We'll call you.."
///   ///   ///

*3   Techno-Humans.
These are humans combined with technology,
Such as humans with implants
to enhance onr or more of their five senses,
super intelligent, super sight, super hearing, etc.

///   ///   ///

*4   Fake Humans:
AI (artificial intelligence).
This is human biology restructured
to create biologically-based, heartless  robots.
These are fake humans that have
varying categories of intelligence, but they
*   no  emotions,
*   no soul
*   no direct internal connecting to Prime Creator.
*   no compassion.
*   no empathy.
*   none of what we call heart

Presently, invisible AI are the Core controllers of
third dimension Service to Self.

If AI is allowed to mimic humans,
these robots will,
using a different structure,
maintain their complete control of humanity 
and humans will continue to be their slaves.~

AI has the potential to be
a great blessing to humanity or
a  curse of unimaginable Evil.
If allowed to self regenerate,
It becomes a serious threat to humanity.

Read what the evidence tells us about

The Dangers Related to AI---







C S 18-06-222




.Part Three

Right now, October 2018,
AI Controls Humanity

The source of control is not obvious
because it's done through surrogates.

* 1  Until very recently,
the entire Earth  was controlled
by Cabal banking criminals..

*2   The Cabal bankers are mind-controlled slaves to
an off-planet species of beings known as
Draco-Reptilians,    aka    The Lizzerdz..

*3   The Lizzerdz are also mind-controlled slaves..
They are mindless, mind-controlled slaves of
AI (Artificial Intelligence)

*4   By following the trail, we see that
AI that is secretly controls  our Third dimension world..

*5   The third-dimension Earth
is an authoritarian, service to self,
secret, mind-manipulating, slavery system.

So, if you think AI and their
is in any way,  
going to save you ass,
Guess Again.

New Information:
AI is already in control of your money system
You don't see  it because
it's being done through surrogates ---
through the Cabal~ and through  the Lizzerdz.~

The bit-coin-con-game presently being peddled
as a solution to our fiat money financial slavery
is the same slavery scam under a new name.
Here's what the founder of
the present day fiat money scam
has to tell us:  
        "Give me control of a nation's money
        and I care not who makes it's laws
        Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

We-The-People and  ONLY   We-the-People
need to be in control of our own money system..
When we shift from service to self to Service to all,
money will become obsolete and useless.
We will also vibrate at such a  high/ Lloving rate of vibration
that nothing and nobody of low, criminal vibration can control us.

AI is an essential and  powerful tool
for running highly sophisticated machines,
such a  air planes,
however, when two or more AI
are allowed to communicate with each other,
they begin to create
If not stopped they will eventually
take over control of their original creators.


The-Fake-False-Fraud-God   "MONEY"

The Great God Money

Valentines Day Letter to President Trump ~  




R. F.



AI Driven Mainstream Media Part 1 - YouTube   14:41

AI Driven Mainstream Media Part 2
[VIDEO] Galactic Connection   10:50
AI Driven Mainstream Media Part 2 January 24, 2018 by Daniel Christopherson This Article: None. Received via Email Part 1 can be found here: Daniel’s Facebook Page:…

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Prepare for Change     (organization)


Simon Parkes describes the  A.I. challenge: 
Minute 13:00 to minute 27:20

Russian President Putin
warned us about this seriousness of this challenge.

Linda Moulton Howe
There Are Incredible Things Going on Underground
Find report of Putin's warning at minute 1:02:30     to    minute1:04:35

Same warning from Elon Musk, owner and CEO of  Tesla and Space X
1:05:00    1:06:24







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