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R. F.

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So, you think you are free.  
You are NOT FREE.!
Unless you have awakened and
understand who and what you are,
you are a sleepwalking, mind-controlled slave.

If you want to know how your own mind was used
to enslave you,  Read this page and
follow the links provided here for your education,




R. F.



Page Summary   

Cathy O'Brien  MKULTRA Survivor    A-000-033-001

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REVISED 19-04-09





Test yourself.

If you are a mindless slave,
when the Universe places evidence under your nose,
you won't  bother to examine the evidence.
You'll make up some lame-brained  excuse like
*   I don't have time for this foolishness. 
*   Me, a slave?  That's impossible.
Then, after throwing a few derogatory comments
at  whomever would even think of something so stupid,
you'll continue to live in  sheyitt-consciousness
doing whatever stupid does.

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If You Are Free,

when the Universe places evidence under your nose,
You will actually look at the evidence and then
you'll draw your own conclusions.
You'll learn about the secret Human-Control system
of secret, mind-control slavery.
You will begin freeing your mind of Lies and illusions.

Knowing the Evidence-Based Truth
is our ticket to Freedom.
Here's our second major illusion buster:
The BIG Surprise
      This is a False-Belief-Busting disclosure of
      an evidence-based truth that will completely shatter
      a major, false beliefs about our life on Earth.

     ///   ///   ///

We Suggest that you ask and answer these four questions:  
*   Why do I believe whatever it is that I believe?
*   Have I ever been wrong?  
*   While I was being wrong,
     did I know I was  wrong?  
*   Is it possible that I am wrong
     about something right now?

Is it possible that there is something
important for you to know
that you don't yet know?

There certainly is.
Let me show you something
that you  already know,
but have forgotten.
*   Reality has two sides,  
     One physical  
     One non physical.
*   Non-physical consciousness is  NOT  Magic.
*   There's  NO  Woo-Woo. 
*   It's  NOT  Crazy.
*   It's Pure Physics,
     much of which most humans 
     do  not yet understand.
*   Non-physical consciousness
     follows an exacting set of rules.  
*   Everything we know,   everything we are
     is based on and is a function of
     non-physical consciousness.

*   Before you dismiss our work
     as crAzy or impoSSible,
     You'd be wise
     to examine the evidence.

When you dare to climb out of your belief box,
you re going to find a vast new world
that is presently invisible to you
and  will remain invisible to you

until you choose to examine the evidence.

Let's  go back to our thirty-two
Fifth Dimension  Tools and find
something that sparks a point of interest in you.

We recommend
The First Lost Secret of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove. 

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I am now aware of how,
     situations, circumstances,  negative people and
     ugly things in the external world
     used to  run my life?

Instead of automatically reacting to external circumstances,
I am able to restrain my automatic impulses,
to mindlessly react in-the-moment,
to external happenings and circumstances.

I am  able to delay immediate gratification
for the sake of an expanded future benefits.
When I get triggered,
I either respond with conscious intention
or I simply ignore and allow what is to be as it is.

I now have Self-Control.
I have have Self-Restraint.
I am conscious of here and now.

I am able to delay gratification.
I am patient.
I gladly exchange short term, external gratification for
     long-term, internal feelings of fulfillment.

I am a master of the art of allowing what is to be as it is. 
Instead of automatically reacting to an external stimuli,
     I take a moment to breathe a full breath  cycle,  and then,
     in a divinely-guided way, I choose / decide
     whether to respond or to ignore.

I see and accept  the external world for what it is.  
It's an external mirror of my past
thoughts, beliefs, emotions words and activities..
I avoid making up  stories about external happenings.
I avoid giving  a meaning to  them.

I am flexible, decisive,   clear-minded,  and self-aware.
I hold a positive attitude,
     at least one step above emotional neutral.
I am confident,   trustworthy,   Dependable,   
I am sociable,    outgoing,   Open-minded

I like myself.  I Llove myself.
I'm good to me.   I'm good for me.
I know with absolute certainty
I deserve Llove,   Abundance,   and  Cosmic Clarity

and all that feels really, really good

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*   Self-Control---Self-Restraint







    I am Infinite-Inelligence  


Here's an example of a self-aware human being:

I am a physical and a non-physical
extension of and an  expression of
brilliant, infinite intelligence
focused on
any topic of my personal desire.

No matter what I choose to focus my attention upon,
I know with absolute certainty that
Infinite Intelligence is always there with me
guiding me toward the most pleasing and
joy-filled expressions of my desire.

Knowing this inspires me
to feel really, really good.

For each of us,
everything is an aspect  of our learning process.
Remember, we are always in the state of becoming..

I Am a Master at the Aet of Becoming

Each time I engage in any activity
such as my art of creative writing,
I do so
with greater self-Llove,
with greeted precision,
with greater self confidence.
I revel in the joys of Self-Llove
Self-confidence, and self-acceptance.

I appreciate the source of the creative processes
that I am mastering.  
I feel God-Goddess's Llove flowing through me,
and that feels really, really good.

In the creating and learning  process
I come up with things
that no presently- incarnated humans have thought of before.
Inspiration flows through me.
I am realizing the that I am a God-Being and a Great Creator.
I am a creative genius, and a master of my crafts.

I feel myself becoming agander  expression
of the mastery that I am.
I know whatjoy feels like
as I, with grace and ease,
engage in my chosen crafts.
I know what it feels like
to have self confidence, to have mental clarity,
and to
accurately eand clearly xpress my messages.

I am an aspect of Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
I am healthy,  
I Am clear-minded,
I am pure, positive energy,
I am Worthy.   I am deserving. 
I am enough exactly as I am right now
I am filed with vitality.  
I Am eager about life.

How I feel is my first priority.
I know that maintaining my feel-good feelings
is/are my pathway to a joy-filled life.

*   I like myself.
*   I Llove myself.
*   I'm good to me. 
*    I'm  good for me.
*   I know with absolute certainty that
*   I deserve , Llove,      Abundance,     and      Cosmic larity
And all that inspires me to feel really, really good.
and so, I feel really, really good.





C S 18-07-16

Cathy O'Brien
CIA Sex Slave Whistle Blower




Part 1 Interview with Whistleblower Cathy O'Brien:
MKULTRA Mind Control Target of the Deep State!
February 11th 2017
Part 2
         Begin at minute 6:20 to 10:40

The Mind control programming of people in the United States
is so thorough and so deep that the average American
has lost a major portion of his/her ability for logic and reasoning.
Our minds, our consciousness, has been split into pieces. 
The pieces simply do no know that some of the other pieces even exist.

MK ULTRA & Project Monarch – Cathy O’Brien’s Story -
Stillness in the Storm     




C S 18-06-22



Based on data from Cathy O'Brien and several other sources,
here is this author's assessment of;

Trauma-Based Mind Control:
When humans experience
repeated intentionally-induced traumas,
These things happen.
*   Our minds shut down the neuro-networkings
     relating to the traumas.
     The traumas are separated from our conscious minds.
     They are  moved into
     the subconscious mind and forgotten.
*   After several traumas,
     our minds become compartmentalized..
*   The mindlessness that this creates
     opens the Subconscious mind
    to simply, without question,
     accept Cabal~ behavior programming
      inserted into our minds
     by those who caused the traumas.
*   The Trauma-induced programing
     can be later activated by the controllers.

Using the same principles
The general population is mind-control-programmed
by television and mainstream media.
The traumas and the mindlessness is regularly induced
by television news and other, so-called,
entertainment programs,  by movies, by print media,
and by methods that seem innocent but are actually deadly,
such as smoking tobacco, Wi-Fi microwave cell phones,
GMO Foods, surveillance cameras, etc. etc. etc.

///   ///   ///

When we wake up to the true nature of reality
 we realize that we have been tricked (mind manipulated)
into believing that arguing, fighting, and wars solves problems.  

Aware humans do not fight because
we realize that we are all one unified whole.
Also, our Service to All~  social structure
creates so much abundance
that there is nothing to fight about.  

See how and why
Marijuana plays such an important role
in the dumbing-down   and in the   re-awakening of humanity.
Marijuana-Meditation---Create-Enhanced Spiritual-Connections




C S 18-06-22

Teal Swan    



Teal Swan interview with Chris Oswalt on 852014 -
YouTube   2:19:22
Another recovered childhood victim of
Satanic Mind-Control Programmiong.

She was regularly drugged by ketamine  dormitory, and zlylozine
Ketamine   If not unconscious, the victim can still feel everything,
but the body can't move.

Another example of trauma induced mind compartmentalizing.
The mind-control victim  cannot remember
the other parts of her mind.
It's like two or more separate people sequentially
running the same physical body.

Yictims receive no self-care-programing

48:19  She describe how she got free of her controllers

1:42:48  Forgiveness

"People only question memory
when they don't want to admit the reality of something."

People are only unwilling to believe
another  person's memory  of an event
when they do not want to admit
that what happened is the truth.  

The general population has been programmed
to disbelieve things tat are horrific.

     ///   ///   ///
We do not want to be told that we are wrong:
*   When the person being told that they are wrong
     are actually corect and not wrong,
*   When the truth implies that
     the person being told someting
     has made a mistake that produces
     significant negative consequences.

     In the person receiving the information
     this often triggers guilt. shame,
     I'm not good enough, and the like.




R. F. N..



They Admitted Social Media Is Programming Us [VIDEO]

Facebook is creating a global hive-mind 
Eliminating individual thinking.   
It's a propaganda machine.

No civil discourse:  
       Definitional Social Discouse
            No engagement in conversation
                  intended to enhance understanding

Civil discourse:

“Civil discourse is engagement in discourse  [conversations]
intended to enhance understanding.
Kenneth J. Gergen describes civil discourse as
"the language of dispassionate objectivity",
and suggests that it requires respect of the other participants,
such as the reader."

"It neither diminishes the other's moral worth,
nor questions their good judgment;
it avoids hostility, direct antagonism, or excessive persuasion;
it requires modesty and an appreciation
for the other participant's experiences.
In Book III of An Essay Concerning Human Understanding,
John Locke contrasts between civil and philosophical discourse
with the former being for the benefit of the reader,
and the public good:”

*   No cooperation
*   Mis-information
*   Dopamine-driven feedback loop that Facebook created
      are destroying how society works

It changes a person's relationship with society and his or her  relationship with each other humans.     It's destroying the core foundation that dictated human behavior

*   Exploiting the vulnerability of the human population
*   It's an opinion changer.   
*   It's a belief reprogrammer  
*   it's a propaganda machine
*   Fake news has eliminated trust in media outlets
*    Creates fake brittle popularity
*   Leave people vacant and empty
*   Self-worth is measured by the opinions of others
*   The viewers of Facebook  are being mind-controlled
       by internet driven mind-programming

Conscious feedback loop:





C S 18-06-22




Torture and Trauma:
Torture does not extract information.
It is used by the evil ones to create extreme Trauma.
In the trauma state, beliefs and behavior patterns are easily
inserted into the victim's mind.
The trauma causes the mind to set this experience aside,
essentially to forget it so that the rest of the mind can function.
This breaks the mind into pieces. 

When the memory of the torture is triggered
the victim's consciousness moves
into the programmed mental state
that has been installed by those administering the tourture

Trauma and False Flag Events:
A false flag is a deception. 
It is not what the public is told.
The name comes from the days of sailing ships
Were the only means of Ocean transportation.

The marauding pirates would fly a flag
of their intended victims.
The unsuspecting target ship would be approached
without concern of those on the target ship.
Then, from close range and  without warning
the pirates would attack and take over the target ship

New York -- 11 Sep 2001  False Flag
The trauma technique was used on the general public.
The intentional destruction of
the twin towers in new york on 11 Sep 2001
and the two nearby buildings
was a global-level trauma.   

This triggered  what David Ike has aptly named
Problem -- Reaction -- Solution
Two days after 9-11 incident,
The Patriot Act
               More accurately it's "The Human Enslavement Act"
               which for several years could not be passed into law.

sailed through congress with almost zero opposition
and became official U.S. law.

Mind-Controlling the General Public
This same technique, only in a lesser intensity,
has been used on the American population
since at least as for back as WWII.

Numerous other techniques have also been applied
Notionally-controlled education,
Mainstream Media,
Television,  Movies.
Fluoride in drinking water,
Aspartame and other poisons in our food
GMO  and the list goes on and aon and on.

The people's minds, that's you and me,
have had their minds so thoroughly  compartmentalized
that critical thinking has been severely durtailed.
Most Americans still  have no idea  that humanity is being
secretly mind controlled.

Here's another sample







R. F.



West of The Rockies - YouTube

From  West of the Rockies:     @wotrradio
From Victim to Survivor The Dark World of MKULTRA,
An Interview with Elisa E. - YouTube  1:47:07

Alters     means    altered states of consciousness.
    altered realities  

Elisa tells the story of how she endured over 40 years of severe torture and mind-control, eventually slowly breaking free and seeking help. The process of recovery is ongoing and certainly not an easy one; however, Elisa E. is, in the truest sense of the word, a survivor.

Link | West of The Rockies | WoTRradio Twitter | WoTRradio FB | Elisa E. | https://ourlifebeyondmkultra.wordpres... Our Life Beyond MKULTRA: Book 1 | Book 2 | Follow-up interview with Elisa E. |

Derren Brown  How to Hypnotize Someomne explained
Testing Sirhan Sirhan claims
he was hypnotized to murder Robert Kennedy

Mind Control 2 - The Mechanics of Mind Control 2 -
More tools for the Awakening - YouTube   48:03
<><><>   <><><> Learn How to Hypnotize Anyone At Will Criss Angel | David Blaine are not as good as Derren Brown Derren Brown - The Experiments The Assassin Audio Commentary Visit For More Video's
<><><>   <><><>

How to Hypnotize Tutorial Dr. Richard Nongard's
1-Hour Crash Course in Hypnosis
- YouTube  1:06:39
Continue listening at minute 15

Mind Control 1 - The Mechanics of Mind Control - Tools for the Awakening - YouTube   Joe Marshalla

Mind Control 2 - The Mechanics of Mind Control 2 - More tools for the Awakening - YouTube    Joe Marshalla

CLAUDINE LONGET - love is blue - YouTube

Heather - Love Is Blue - YouTube




R. F. N..








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