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Compare Relationships --  Third D to Fifth D 


Third D.  
Living in Third D, relationships exist in a context
that is obsolete, dysfunctional,
and based on lies, illusions, and false beliefs.

The third dimension consciousness 
is the world of duality,
the world of  relationships in which
conflict overpowers harmony.

Social structures are secretly controlled
by cabal criminals. 
Education is based on  the illusion of
    1)   separation from God,
    2)   separation from nature, and
    3)   separation from our fellow humans. 

The common belief is that  
God either does not exist
or that he is an angry, fickle vengeful, violent,
mass-murdering  super human being
who lives in the sky. 

Consciousness is right-brained mental, all head,
no heart, no feelings, no emotions.
God is masculine and rules by threats of violence.
Emotions are for women and weaklings.  

Women have three roles,
sexual services, creating babies,
and being servants to men. 

Sex is physical experience only,
filled with shame, guild, and fear.  

Money or lack of money rules most peoples lives. 
People believe in secrecy, scarcity  and service to self.  

What one wants is impossible,
what is (present circumstances) suck,
someone else is in control, and
life can't be any other way. 
Most people are not even aware that they hold these beliefs.

To most people, all this is considered to be normal.  
In 3d consciousness,
connections with other people are weak 
and relationships are usually short-lived.  

Most relationships that last are dysfunctional at best
and often either boring or pain-producing. 
Sex is often completely absent. 


Fifth D.   
The first, and most obvious difference is that in 5d
we relate to each other as fellow God-Beings.   

We wakeup to and soon  realize our true nature.  
We are nonphysical, eternal God-Beings
having a human experience on Earth
in physical bodies in a Holographic Universe

Separation is an illusion.          
Everyone and everything and everyone
are all part of a single, unified being.  

Everything is consciousness
expressing itself as vibrating energy.  

We, as seemingly separate beings,
experience ourselves in physical form in
Source/ Creator/ Gods-Goddess's
Cosmic Holograph

Everything exists in the context of Llove.  
We realize that humans
are inherently kind, compassionate, 
Lloving, and generous beings.  

The heart rules everything.  
This is particularly obvious
in human-to-human relationships.  

Sex becomes a mystical, spiritual divine experience
of two God-Bings experiencing each other
as one single unified being.     

Once we realize that we are God-Beings,
abundance quickly becomes infinite. 
Scarcity and money disappear. 
Rulers, politicians, and lawyers become all but extinct
External control become unnecessary.  
Freedom is boundless and so are humans.  


If a human in Fifth Dimension Consciousness
attempts to create a close, personal relationship
with a person still living in
third dimension consciousness,
failure is inevitable.    




Compare        Compare  



The Service-to-Self, Hidden Agenda    

Service to All,  God's Agenda:              



Compare Relationships --  Third D to Fifth D 
Copy at:     k-relationships.htmll






Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
has unlocked the door for us
to create a world of Llove, Freedom, Joy,
and Abundance for all.  

The 5d world does not come ready-made / already built. 
We are blessed with the ability, the tools, and the challenge
to build it any way we choose it to be.

"Seek and you shall find.  
Ask and you shall receive.  
Knock and the door shall be opened."  

We have to stop
bitching, moaning, and complaining about what is
and begin  Seeking, Asking and Knocking.

Biblical Passage Update:

Seek:   Open your eyes! 
Everything is already here
We are the Everything.  
We are not just a drop
in the Ocean of Universal Consciousness,
We are the Ocean of Universal Consciousness.
It's inside of every one of us.

Ask:   We no longer ask. 
As conscious God-Beings,
We simply give directions to
the universal energy field of infinite potential.  

We call that potential by a multitude of names,
God, Prime Creator,  The All,
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess, 
The Great Wow,  etc.   

We are Great Creators.   

Knock:   The door is already open.  
   Our job is to wake up and
KNOW the truths that will set us free.  
Here is a detailed description of the 
Evidence-Based Cosmic Truths.

Once you become aware of
the physics of consciousness,
you'll also realize that
the ways of God are NOT magic. 
What God Is remains the ultimate mystery,
however, to understanding the ways that God Functions
follow the Universal Laws of physics.

Those presently in control of 
money,  politics, and religion
are stuck in  obsolete, dysfunctional,
third dimension consciousness. 
The only thing they know is service to self.  

It's up to those of us who are committed to
the Fifth Dimension concept of Service to All
to lead the changes.  

We can best accomplish this mission
by working together as teams.  

The door to freedom and abundance
is open for business. 
You are invited in. 





    Open For Business        


Path to Success:  
Find a human need that is unfulfilled.  

Fill that need with honesty, integrity, 
and Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  
Here is an example of 5d service:   

Are you committed to manifesting
Fifth Dimension Consciousness?  
Do you choose to associate with people of like mind? 

If so, you are invited to add your name to our list
along with a description of yourself and
a description of what you are seeking.

Become part of the
People to People connections
with others Committed to
Manifesting Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

Open for Business




   5d Commitment - What Does That Mean?


Being commitment to becoming a Fifth Dimension Being
means realizing that  humanity is shifting
from the dysfunctional 3d world of chaos and confusion
into the 5d world of peace, Llove, and abundance for all.  

When you commit yourself to
accessing full Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
you'll discover that: 

**   Life is not what you have been led to believe it is
by those who claim to know.  

**   Fifth Dimension level of reality
requires letting go of
the false beliefs about who and what you are
and realizing that
you are an eternal, Non-physical God-Being.  

**   Be responsible for your own life.
**   Stay in full integrity.  
**   Stop complaining, criticizing, or trying to change others.  
**   Allow the external world to be as it is.  
**   As much as you can, choose to stay in a joyful state of mind.     

**   Relax.  Be patient. 
Everything occurs in divine right timing.  

**   Take time for yourself.  
Practice breathing consciously.
Meditate daily. 

Living in the Fifth Dimension  
is actually a lot of fun.  
Here's an example of what we mean.  

5d Commitment - What does That Mean




   Start-Up Funding   


I've started this project with as close to nothing
as one can get and still be functional.


The Three things I (We)  Do Have:  

I have  an absolute commitment that this
Fifth Dimension People to People Connection Services
is going to be profoundly successful. 

I use the word successful
not in its third dimension meaning
that it's going to make a lot of money,
but in the sense that it's going to connect
thousands of self awareness seekers    
(i.e. students of deliberate creating)  
who otherwise would never know each other.  

It will also generate an abundance of money and
it will inspire creations that are far beyond 
anything that money can buy.


The second thing I have is
the TLC-Life-Center's
Family of websites.
This  is a completely developed, written,
Fifth Dimension Consciousness training program.
The written format is available to all on our websites.

We also have coaching and consulting services
for those with questions and
for those who choose to purchase our
5d coaching and consulting services.


The third thing I have is
a highly skilled
office-worker-trainer and assistant

who is willing to handle
the initial business aspect of this project
and also set up and initially manage
the connection services.  

<><><>   <><><>

Outside Funding:
This service is so valuable that we will soon  be able to say, 
A wealthy individual has funded the entire project. 
We are offering a   $10,000 dollar reward
to the first person who connects us to a donor
of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) or more    

What's needed now? 
Almost everything.  

What is most essential?  
Additional funding and
Technical Assistance.   
Social Media Marketing assistance

Please see our page titled:

Contact  /  Donate  /  Barter

Start up Funding




       How to Participate    


Here's the bottom line answer
to the questions:   
"What can I do/"
"How do I participate"?  

In the Context you find yourself in,
do whatever you do in whatever way
works best for you. 


Those of us who choose to participate
in consciously creating the our personal portion of
the 5d world in its physical form,
we get to create it anyway we choose to do so.   

These pages (where you are right now) 
contains the basic vision of
Fifth Dimension People to People Connection Services
as we see it at this time.  

We are God-Beings and
we are Great Creators.  
Whatever you choose to create,
you will create it much faster
by working in teams of like minded people.

As a participant, each of us will have his or her own listing
on the 5d community website.   
The listing will include whatever information
you choose to share and a link to your website.

You can tell the world  about yourself and about
the products or services that you have to offer.  
Your listing  in the 5d community website
will include a link to your business and/or
your personal website.   

We suggest that, on your own website,
you create a special page about yourself
and about your product or service, and/or
about anything else you choose to share.  

This gives you the freedom to include
as much or as little as you like
about anything you choose to share.      

Also, add links back to a least two our websites.
This website
and our Home website

Those of you who want to be of service,
here's the answer that is both
the best for you personally
and, at the same time,
best for our collective society:        

How to Participate 




Earth as a Living Library of Cosmic Knowledge



Earth was originally designed to become
a Living Library of Cosmic Knowledge
It was intended to become
the most beautiful planet in the entire galaxy.  

The process was derailed when the  
Earth was hijacked, taken over by
off-planet parasitic beings who use 
by force, deception, violence, and
every other kind of demonic activity imaginable.  

They literally destroyed everything
they could possibly destroy.  

They enslaved the human population
in an invisible prison.  

As part of the in-process Cosmic Transformation,  
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess has stepped in and
is removing the parasites and,
with the help of humans 
(God-Beings like you and me)
She is re-activating the Living Library. 

To those Interested in re-establishing Earth
as a Living Library of Cosmic Knowledge:

Accessing the Living Library requires
achieving extended, high states of orgasmic bliss.  
Candidate invited to participate with us
will receiving intensive  training in
how to become 5d multi-orgasmic.     

If you are interested in participating in this process
are directed to our page titled:
Cosmic-Awareness Counseling  Consulting  Services.    
This will explain the over all process involved
and take you to the specific page related directly to
The Living Library of Cosmic Knowledge.   

Earth as a Living Library of Cosmic Wisdom





   Confirmation from 

Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess  


The Unification of the 144,000 Warriors of Light:     

On June 11, 2017, I find this
Magenta Pixie video on the Internet   

Her channel from Spirit asks this question: 

"There are so many of you spiritual teachers,
leaders, way-showers, elders and adepts.  
Yet you all appear to be working alone,
and with your own agenda.   

Do you not think it is time for you all to get together
and be in contact with one another
so you can work as a team?  

The world is in a dire state and
you are all very much needed,
but how can you continue to help the planet
unless you join together as one?

There is, after all, strength in numbers.
You yourself have said “united you stand”,
so why then do you not stand united and come together?"

Magenta Pixie

To this Question, we offer the 
Fifth Dimension People to People Connection Services 
as our answer:  

Conformation from Source/ Creator






   Footnotes and References  



  Defective Leadership     


The level of
arrogant, mindlessness ignorance
on the part of our otherwise, intelligent leaders
has exceeded our capacity to just
allow the ignorant to wallow in
their ignorance.  

Today the price of remaining ignorant
is way too high. 

Those in leadership positions (politicians, bureaucrats, etc.)
are attempting to make major changes
without knowing where we are going
or how to get there.  

They have no idea  how the new
Fifth Dimension Consciousness functions.  

They have no idea that global-level, physical change
will come a result of changes
in human collective consciousness.  

They continue to fight with each other to see
who will control the people.  
They have no idea that top-down control is
old, obsolete, third dimension thinking.  

They fail to understand that
in the new, Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
the people are in charge of their own lives
and answer only to Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess. 

Those who think that they are in control
will soon have only two choices, 
Go away completely or
become servants of the people     

As things stand now, We-The-People,
individually and collectively
must make the journey ahead of them.  
We must each be our own, personal leader.  
Our intention is to let the truth show us the way.  
All are invited to participate, including you.    

<><><>   <><><>

Here is my assessment, my opinion of
what a competent leader would do:     

Defective Leadership








   Fifth Dimension 

People to People Connection Services  

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