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The Ultimate Cycle-Breaker

What Are Its

Blessings in Disguise??


Pan-demic becomes
Pan-Da-Play .
Join the Play


Coronavirus -- Is a Huge  Blessings in Disguise.
Coronavirus -- Is the Ultimate Cycle-Breaker.

We have found, discovered, uncovered
and we now expose    to you   and    for you
GOOD-Side,   the GOD-Side
of the Coronavirus.

The Panda Bear Teams everywhere are responding
to the Coronavirus by turning Cabal 3rd D. 
Sheyitt into
Joy and Blessings for All.
Join the Play







Before we get into the blessings
of the coronavirus,
let's examine the possibilities.
Then, we each will choose our role in this event.

Remember:  No matter what the topic is,
there are always aspects of it that we do not know,
so, always place health and safety first.
Your actions could have serious consequences,
play safely.    Follow the safety guidelines.

*   We-The-People 
          are turning the pandemic
               into    The Pan-Da-Play.
*   No matter where you are,     any where on the entire planet
*   We invite you to examine the evidence we offer.
*   We invite you  to play with us.  
     Become one of the actors in The Pan-Da-Play.

Here's how to get on stage:
*   Look for and find the Buddha gift,
     the blessings,   the positive pieces,    the beneficial  side
     of the coronavirus.

*   If you are healthy, particularly
     if you are both under 50 and healthy,
     the coronavirus is a very, very small threat.
     If you become affected,
     You may feel bad for a few days,
     and, to prevent spreading the virus,
     you would have to isolate yourself
     for about two weeks,
     but that's about it.
     Examine the statistics here..   

After examining the available evidence,
The most likely conclusion is that
the Coronavirus is a trick  set on us by the evil ones.
If it is part of their hidden agenda,
it's backfiring on them.
The evidence tells us that We-The-People
are breaking out of their Invisible Prison~
and will take no more of their Sheyitt Consciousness~.


So, here is our best advice:
*   Because the virus is here and we cannot change that,
      stay safe, go with the flow, and
    allow what is to be as it is.
*   Focus your point of attention on Giving Llove~.     
     Pick any of the vast number of ways to give Llove
     and be of service  to one or more of your fellow humans.
*   Both via the internet and locally, in person,
     gather together in mutually supporting teams.
*   Sing,    Dance,   Laugh,  Have fun.
*   Make others laugh.
Take in the Llove that,
     by the Universal Law of Returns
     is guaranteed to come back to you
     when you begin Giving Llove.
     Remember, the secret is to give
     without any expectations of returns
   from those to whom you serve with our Llove

*   Share this message with your family and friends.
*   Begin learning about Fifth Dimension Consciousness.
     Be aware that if you intend to stay on Earth,
     your going to have to  learn the rules of reality anyway,
     so, why not start now while everything else is on hold?
*   Find these four people on the Internet.
     *   Robert Cote~
     *   Abraham-Hicks~
     *   Bruce Lipton~
     *   Joe Dispenza~
     Listen to and/or read what they have to offer.
    *   See the full list here.
    *   There are dozens more.

*   Remember Who and What You Are
*   Become joyously sensual in all five senses.
*   Remember,
          orgasm is an expression of
               a celebration of    and
                    a shared experience of
                        your Godhood.
     *   3rd-D. sex is body to body,  it's shallow,
          it's stripped of its spiritual content,
          and orgasm lasts only a few seconds.
     *   5th-D. sex is a   sacred,    heart-to-heart,
          being -to-being,   cosmic experience
          in which extended orgasms and multiple orgasms
           are normal experiences.
      *   When you have mastered
          the art of Fifth Dimension sex,
          you will be able to turn orgasmic-level bliss
          into your basic state of being
          and hold that mental state
         for extended periods of time.

*   Be of service,
     TLC-Life-Center requires additional team members.
      Our social media marketing is all but completely absent.
     We also require a single family home as our home office
     and dependable transportation
     Whatever your talents and desires are, 
            if your personal intention is to reach  Fifth Dimension Conciseness,
            we'll welcome you on our team.
     Apply at:
     Here's Why you will want to join us:~

*   Forgive everyone and everything,
     including forgiving yourself.

*   Send Llove to everyone who pushes your buttons.
.*   Send Llove to everyone you think of as bad/ evil.
     Why?   Because they feed on
     the energetic vibrations of hate, pain, fear, and anger.
     Send them Llove. 
         They hate Llove. 
               They can't stand it.
                    They will run away.
     When you send Llove,
     you vibrate so high that
    they cannot reach you or harm you.

Remember,   To change the external world,
     we ignore it (except when urgent action is required)
    and focus our attention on giving Llove.

*   Celebrate Life and Llove with us each month
     at the time of the full moon.
*   Our monthly collective focus on Llove
     will move all of humanity
     out of the vibrational range of evil
     in any and all of its forms,
     including the coronavirus.     .

Here's an example of We-The People
becoming creative and turning 
from pan-demic
   to   Pan-da Play
    Getting creative with remote performances -
    New West Symphony    

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REVISED 19-04-09




Before we get into our Panda Play,
please be aware that  (like all of humanity)
you have been secretly mind-manipulated.
They want you to ignore anything and everything
that challenges your present Cabal-installed,
false, belief system.

If you are new at learning self-awareness,
your first response
to the information on our websites
will likely be strongly negative.
You'll want to push us away.
If that happens to you,
we encourage you to
take   The Freedom/Slavery Test.  

If you are already free, your free.
If not, taking the test places you
in front of the open door to freedom.
No matter how you respond to the test,
you will be gently and Llovingly guided from there.    






C S 18-06-22

The-Bottom-Line -on-Top  



April 2020
Let me give you the bottom line for
all of what is presently
going on on planet Earth.

*   Is the Trump Card,   the Winner,  The Final Decider

*   Beats,  Out-Maneuvers,  Out-Plays   Everything Else.

*   You and I and every other Human
     in the entire Universe
     are a all part of God-Consciousness.
*   We are Safe.   You are safe
*   Our Children Are Safe.
     The coronavirus cannot harm them. .
     Examine the   statistics here   

*   We are Immortal,    Non physical,    Divine Beings
     presently having a Human experience on Planet Earth.
*   We are Pieces , Parts, Aspects,  Expression of
     Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.~

*   We, all of humanity are riding on 
     Source/Creator's cosmic transition
     Into the age of Enlightenment
     As part of this process
     humanity  is shifting
     from third dimension  Cabal-controlled sheyitt consciousness
      to Fifth Dimension Consciousness~
     Which  includes    Service to All .~

*   We have past the point of doubt.  
     The transition/ the change is now inevitable. 
    Success is assured..  

*   Our victory over
     AI and Cabal-created 3rd-D. Sheyitt-Consciousness
     is Guaranteed.

*   The only two  remaining questions are:
     1)    "How much more of the Cabal Sheyitt
     are we, the collective we,
     going to put up with before we choose to wake up
     and take back control of our own lives.

     2)  what designs and formats
      are we going to create our New Normal.

Declaration signed by  We-The-People
and stamped with the Great Seal of God-Consciousness

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C S 18-07-16




We'll let Greg Braden introduce the process

What The World Needs To Know About COVID-19 -
YouTube  45:36        March 29, 2929  

In his usual mastery, 
Greg Braden gives us a format in which
to get us beyond this problem/ challenge
Listen starting at minute 29:30

How are people responding to the virus?
What is their emotional response?
According to Greg and the evidence I/we  see,
*   There are those who appear to be
     ignoring the virus and the safety recommendations,
*   There are those who follow the guidelines and are friendly.
     They offer assistance.
*   There are those filled with powerful negativity
     Anger,  Fear,   Denial,  Resentment,  Confusion 
     Frustration,  Depression, Grief.   

Collectively, we are grieving
     the loss of our 3rd-D. way of Life.
We are social beings and
     our 3rd-D. social connections are suddenly gone.

Greg puts this in the context of the grief cycle
originally presented to us by Elizabeth Kubler Ross     
The Five Stages of Grief
1)   Denial        /Fear / Shock / Confusion, Avoidance    
2)   Anger,     Anxiety  Frustration,  Irritability
3)   Depression    Feeling overwhelmed,   Helpless,  Wanting to runaway
4)   Bargaining,    Reaching out    Looking to others,  
                            Looking for options What do e do Now
5)   Acceptance   Allowing what is o be as it is.
                            Look beyond what is happing now.
                            What's next. where do we go from here

The world is never going to go back to the way it was
That world is gone.
The Coronavirus is simply one small piece of a
Super-Grand Cosmic-level change/ shift/ transformation
We are today, April, 2020, at choice to create its replacement
OK,  What do we do now?

The answer to that question is what this page
and the five TLC-Life-Center,  five websites are all About      

Find our Fifth Dimension estate at
Find our main entry hall  at:

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C S 18-07-16




What will human life be like in 2022
*   The changes will be profound.
*   Life will be completely different.
*   99% of what we thought of as normal in 2019
     will simply be gone.

Some Examples of the Changes:

*   We are shifting into Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

*   In 5th-D.,  there are   NO secrets,   NO hidden agendas,
     NO  liars, NO deceivers,   NO uncontrolled AI
     NO crime,  NO criminals,   NO prisons,  NO Cabal
     Children  will no longer simply disappear into the clutches of evil.

*   Social Directives (social control)
     will shift
     from top down
     to bottom up.
     We-The-People will take back control of our own lives.
*   We'll build a new social structure based on
     The First Lost Secret    of
     the Seven Lost Secrets of Llove
     and based on Service to All.~

*  Both scarcity and money~ will be gone.
     Cooperation and service to others
     will cause scarcity to disappear.
     The end of scarcity will make money obsolete and worthless.
     Both will become only memories of evil's 3rd-D. nightmare.

    Between now and then, the
     Foundation-Corporation-Partnership Business Structure
     will become the new financial normal.
     With the use of the new business structure,
     the need for taxes will disappear.
     Why?   Because the money that used to go the the bankers
     will then go  to fulfill our collective social needs.
*   The fossil fuel industry will be gone.
    Free energy for all will take its place.

*   Service to All~ will have replaced service to self.

*   Pill-pushing Big Pharma~ will be gone.
     Excellent physical health will be the norm.

*   Sex will shift from a union of bodies to
     a divine expression of and a sacred union of two God-Beings.~

*   Vast amounts of presently-hidden technology
     will be released, and available and used by We-The-People.~

*    Most basic foods will be locally produced by
      organic, home and community grown.~

*   Patriarchal control will end. 
     A masculine/feminine balance will take its place
     with most major decisions being  made by females.

*   Poverty and homelessness will disappear.
*   Everybody will be wealthy, in that
    all humans  will have their needs and desires fulfilled.

*   Present use of weather as a weapon will shift into
    weather as a tool for creating abundance of
     natural vegetation  and human-organized vegetation.

* Our environment/ Gaia/ Sacred Mother Earth
will be returned to her natural beauty.

*   In the place of 3rd-D. Sheyitt-Consciousness,
     we will find ourselves
    in a world of incredible Beauty,
     with  Llove,   Health,    Real Wealth,
     with Peaceful Coexistence,
     and Infinite Abundance for all.

*   Gaia/Sacred Mother Earth
     is increasing her rate of vibration.
     If we want to stay on Earth,
      we must also raise our rate of vibration~  (Schulman Resonances)
*   Those who are dying, are simply leaving Earth
     and retuning to Source to reevaluate their soul's path
     and then, choose  their next life elsewhere.

*   The simplest, fastest, easiest, most fun way
     to raise you rate of vibration is to
learn, practice, teach, and live by
The First Lost Secret of
    The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove
     The secret is no longer secret.
     It's simple.   It's easy.   It's only thirteen words long.
          The way to receive Llove
               is to focus your attention
                   on giving Llove

Below, we have listed
some of the Most profound changes
The numerous-Things-We-Can-Begin-Right-Now.

Please be aware that
the coronavirus did not create any of the above changes. 
What it did do is to speed up
the already in process rate of change and
it changed the path that we humans
are taking in orser to reach our new social structure.

On our list below, you can find some of the short-term,
immediate changes that are and  will affect all of us.

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***   For Clear & Correct Viewing
***  Freedom/ Slavery test

Multi-Billion-Dollar-Opportunity    Is-About-to-Disappear.

The-Ultimate-Worthy-Cause     An Urgent  Call for Action






Outreach-Messages      (New Page)

Continued in on the page titled 
"It's Time to Share."~

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C S 18-07-16






Aside from the safety issues,
there is one overriding financial opportunity
that will relieve a vast amount of the concerns and fears.
It is so far ahead of   and   outside of
the common belief system that it is being ignored,
in spite of the overwhelming evidence in its support.   

I'm going to share this with you ,
but if you don't take the time to
examine the supporting evidence,
you will simply call me crazy,
and on your side of reality, you'll stay stupid. 

You'll go away and do whatever stupid does and
wait for someone outside of yourself
to come along and save your ass.
NOBODY is going to show up.

YOU have to take time to learn this piece of truth 
or the opportunity will pass and we will be still on
the very long, difficult, and painful path
to an eventual, delightful  future.

We can make this transition simple, easy, and fast.  
We simply have to learn the truth and then
take what action each of us feel is right and best for all of us.
In other words, when you make a decision about yourself, it's wise to include the well being of others in your decision.

Please take the time to examine this opportunity
before it disappears. 
to take action or we will lose
a multi-billion dollar financial windfall for you
and for the rest of humanity.

For more information,
please read these four webpages:

*1  Several billion dollars are sitting idle
waiting for us.
     All we have to do is
     learn three of the most basic principles of economics
     and then, put them into action.

 Living Library of Human and Cosmic Knowledge
    This page explains the entire concept in significant detail

*3  We-The-People~ have an Urgent Call to Action
that must be addressed NOW    

The Money to pay for the solution/ resolution  is available
Our job is to bring this problem/ challenge to the attention of any one of the hundreds  of very wealthy people.
See the next section below

If you are the one who makes the connection,
you will receive the One Million Dollar Finder's Fee
*4   A One Million Dollar finders fee is waiting here for you.

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                    A-Multi-Billion-Dollar-Opportunity For
                    We-The-People Is-About-to-Disappear.
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An Easily
Otherwise Inevitable

Water Disaster

is about to devastate
California, the Nation, and

The Profits of Every Corporation
and Every Business in the Entire Country.



If a major earthquake occurs
in or near San Francisco, California
before a storm-surge barrier is built in the Carquinez Strait,
at the north end of San Francisco Bay,
that earthquake will trigger
a chain of extremely destructive events.  

For Example, here is  step four  in that chain of events: 
If we continue to ignore this problem,
when a major earthquake occurs in or near San Francisco,
it will require the California aqueduct
will be shut down for repairs for about two years

If we continue to do nothing:
*   25 million people, thousands of farms, and
     hundreds of thousands of businesses
     in Central and Southern California will be without
     their major source of fresh water for about two years. 

*   Hundreds of thousands of Central and
     Southern California farms and businesses
     will simply shut down.
     Thousands will  permanently go out of business. 

If we continue to do nothing,
at the end of this chain of events,
*   we will find ourselves in a sever,
     national, and perhaps a worldwide, financial depression.
*   A major source of food will suddenly be gone.
     Over half of our nation's fruit and nuts
     come from California, as do a 25% of our vegetables. 
*   hundreds, perhaps thousands of people will die directly or
     indirectly as a result of us doing nothing.
*   Without the barrier,
     California  is facing another sever ecological disaster.

The Bottom Line:
If we continue to do nothing
we will experience a social and economic nightmare,
and a financial depression of unprecedented proportions.

The Solution:
to this problem has an incredibly simple.
Build a storm surge barrier
in the Carquinez Strait at the north end of
San Francisco Bay (San Pablo Bay)

The Ultimate Worthy Cause

The Call for Action:
Several billion dollars  are sitting idle waiting for us.

The message below will show you how We-The-People
can access the necessary funding and much more.
A One Million Dollar finders fee is waiting here for you.

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REVISED 19-04-09




Before we begin discussing the profound changes
coming to humanity and to planet Earth,
we need to check believability, not only my believability, 
but also your believability.
Can you believe yourself?

Do NOT believe any of what is written on our five websites
until you have examined    our evidence
and/or    your evidence
to the level of your own satisfaction.
Do not disbelieve us, either.
Base your assessment on the evidence.


Let's check our believability.   I'll go first.  
Am I believable?
I've spent the past 32 years doing
intense, dedicated study and research about
Fifth-Dimension Consciousness~    
The Physics of Consciousness,
The Rules of Reality~, 
The Consciousness of Llove,~
Sexual sensuality~     CLICs~  ..
The Art of Deception~
The Cabal criminals~
Their Secret Control System~
and their
fraudulent money and banking scam.~

I have five extensive websites
describing what I have found.
for 25 years before that,
I did extensive and dedicated training
to enable me to be as I am and do as I do today..
Check my credentials:
Is Robert Cote' Believable?

     Examine my extensive list of web pages
     on my five websites dedicated to
     Truth and Light  In 5th-D., Light means understanding)

*  An evil, con artist would
     never create so many expression of truth and light
     and then offer them free on the Internet.
*   I never hide my work behind a wall of money.
*   Everything is offered on a donation basis.
*   Nobody is ever turned away for lack of money to buy my services.
*    I have had opportunities to dedicate myself to making money.
     In stead, I chose to follow the path of seeking self-awareness.
     After  57 years following my self-chosen path,
     I consider my self, if  not a master of my craft
     I am an excellent imitation of one who is.

Now About My Lifestyle.
*   For many years, I have been advised by my inner guidance,
      to "stay under the radar", until it's time
     to expose my work to the world
*   I drive a 25-year old car
*   I sleep on a couch in the home of my wife's cousin.
*   All that is about to change
*   I am blessed in ways the money can never buy.

Now it's your turn.

Are you believable?
If you are still a, sleepwalking slave,
the answer is:     
YOU are NOT believable
Why not?
When you were a young child,
 the  Cabal Criminals  overpowered you belief system
with lies, illusions, and false-beliefs.

If you have not intentionally and thoroughly
examined your beliefs
you are still a mind controlled slave.

As part of your secret, mind-manipulation
you have been hypnotized to completely ignore
anything that threatens the false belief system?

False  programs have been installed in your subconscious mind
by the evil ones who secretly control you
and most of the rest of humanity.
If you think you are free, you are lying to yourself
Do you dare to take The Freedom/Slavery Test?.  

Have you ever examined your beliefs?
Why do you believe whatever it is that you believe?
Have you ever been wrong?
While you were being wrong,
     did you know you were being wrong?
How about right now?
Could you be wrong about something, right now?
For example:   Do you believe that you are Separate from God?.

So to bottom line this:
Are you going to believe
your own untested, unexamined,
Cabal-installed~  beliefs and opinions,
opinions of a mind-controlled, unconscious slave,
are you open minded enough to examine
The scientifically-proven evidence
offered by
*   By a Professional  Researcher and Author
*   By a teacher and experienced  Guide for 
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension-Consciousnessr
 with  57 years of training and experience.?

If this is a tough choice,
As of Today, ,April  22,  2021,
you are hereby informed that
"Ignorance Is a Choice."

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Site-29     20-CORONAVIRUS-Buddha-Gift
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also see:

C S 18-07-16




Before you
read or ignore this page,
or anything else on any of the TLC-Life-Center's websites,
I/We challenge/ encourage/ request that you  take
The Freedom/Slavery Test.

Are you free or are you a mind-controlled slave?
It matters not, what results you find by taking the test.  
Why? Because taking the test automatically
opens the door to your freedom. 
If you are free, you are free.
If you are a slave,  the door to freedom
will stand wide open in front of you.

You then get to choose .
Choice One
*   Stay a mind-controlled slave.
*   Continue to live in an Invisible Prison~
     controlled and managed by
     the cartels and families of the Cabal banking Criminals.
*   You can ignore the door and
     let your mind continue to
      eat their Sheyitt-Consciousness,~
*   You can walk through the open door
     into your own freedom.  

How Do You Step into Freedom?
You step into the freedom by learning the truth.  
Remember the words of Jesus, 
"Know the truth and the truth will set you free."
And, speaking of Jesus, do you recall these words?  
"Greater works than these, you shall do and more."
 Paraphrased as,  "Anything I can do, you can do and more.

And, are you aware that
three times in the Christian Bible,
Jesus tells us We Are Gods.
Are you a God?
Was Jesus lying to us?
Perhaps you are not yet aware of
The Physics of Consciousness       How the Universe Functions      
The Rules of Reality

Conscious Christianity---Home Page~

You claim to be a Christian and
yet, you ignore the teaching of your master teacher.  
You curse yourself with your own ignorance.

With today's level of technology and
with today's vast amounts of
verifiable information,
Ignorance is choice.

Even if you are not connected to
the energy of Christ Consciousness,
you've still been mind manipulated
<><><><>  <><><><>

I/We encourage you,
     we challenge you,
          we even beg you to apply due diligence
               to the task of proving us wrong.  
Because it's an impossible task.
In attempting to prove us wrong,
you will prove us right.

*    Jesus,
*   The Physics of Consciousness,
*   The Rules of Universal Spirituality,
all three are telling us the same truth.

<><><><>   <><><><>

Now, back to the Coronavirus.
The greatest concern is the ease with which it is spread.
The deaths are tragic for those who lose loved ones, and
in order to get a clearer picture,
we'd be wise to examine this from a broader perspective.

Millions of humans are forced off the planet each year
by all kinds of preventable deaths,
such as starvation, local genocides,
small wars, lack of potable water, lack of sanitation, and
THOSE SECRETLY IN CONTROL . allow and even promote
preventable suffering and preventable deaths.

Do you think
*   GMO altered food,
*   The poisons in our food,
*   The overwhelming amount of sugar in everything,
*   The fluoride in our water,
just happened by themselves?

For centuries, our so-called leaders
have allowed and still do allow
hundreds of thousands of
unnecessary premature deaths every year.
They ignore, even secretly encourage pain, suffering and death
as long as it is someone else and
as long as it is someone else's wives and children
who are doing the suffering and dying.


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13 April 2019




What is the Divine Purpose for the Coronavirus?
*   The most potent Buddha gift of the Coronavirus
     is that
it is the Ultimate
      Cycle-Breaker/ Pattern -Breaker/ Crime-Stopper

     A cycle breaker is a technique used
     to stop an old obsolete pattern from continuing.

Some Obvious Examples
     *  The Cabal service to self social structure
          is a cycle, a pattern well worth the price of its breaking.

     *   Secret torture, rape, and murder of our children
         is a cycle, a pattern well worth the price of its breaking.

     *   The phony, fraudulent debt-based monetary system
          is a cycle, a pattern well worth the price of its breaking.

     *  Secret Sex-Slave Trafficking
          is a cycle, a pattern well worth the price of its breaking.

     *   Poverty and Starvation are
         cycles and patterns well worth the price of their breaking.

     *   Homelessness,
     *   Secret mind manipulation,
     *   Lies and distortions of the truth in our mainstream media,
     *   The absolutely insane War Against Marijuana,
     *   Destructive Weather Manipulation,
     *   Poisons in our foods,
     *   Intentional peddling false religious stories,
          (i.e. Separation from God , Nature, and  Each Other.)
     *   Needless environmental destruction,
     *   Internet Censorship,
     *   Secret, dual , corporate and government control systems,
     *   Isolation from our galactic brothers and sisters,
Every one of these cycles/ patterns
 is NOW in the process of being eliminated
Thank You  Coronavirus ! ! ! !

What Will Be Revealed?
     *   Vitally-needed technology,,
     *   Free energy for everyone,
     *   An extensive underground transportation system,
     *   Physical contact with other galactic civilizations,
     *   Extensive Scientific Research~, 
          proving with a  high-quality seven year research project
          offering irrefutable proof that
          all the oceans of the entire world
          are on a single flat plane,
     *   That we are inside of and NOT outside of
          the Antarctic Circular Wall of Ice.
          This is a False-Belief-Busting disclosure of
          an evidence-based truth that will completely shatter
          a major, false belief about your life on Earth.

<><><><>   <><><><>

*   This virus is triggering rapid and dramatic changes
     in ALL of our social, financial, political,
     religious, and enviromental structures.

*   Cabal-criminal-controlled
     service to self social structure is dying.
     It is being replaced by a We-The-People-controlled
    Service to All social structure.

*   Personal behavior and how we relate
    to each other is changing rapidly.
    Decisions that used to be based on
     "Self-Interest"   on   "What's in it for me? 
     are shifting into
     The service to all mode.
*   When we each realize that
     "My best interest includes your best interest",
     everybody wins.
     This principle is clearly expressed in
     The First Lost Secret of
     The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove

*   With the arrival of the coronavirus,
     the speed of our transition
     into Fifth Dimension Consciousness
     has shifted from numerical   (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
     to exponential speed, (1, 2, 4, 8, 16).

*   Pieces of our new Service to all Social Structure
     are beginning to show up.

*   Notice the increased cooperation,
     increased friendliness, 
     fewer cars on the roads.

*   More and more people are working at home.

*   The internet is beginning to take on
     a much bigger role in our social structure.

*   We are becoming a Global Community.

*   The concept and the  power of

community and family grown, organic food
     is finally being recognized.
     *  Creating our own and our local community's
           major quantities of food
          is a huge step into shifting power and control
          from corporations into mutually cooperating
          groups of

*   National, community, and local production
     of goods and services
     will expand dramatically.
     Oriental sweatshops will be thing of the past.
     Decisions to self-produce or buy from China
     will be based on self-sufficiency and
     no longer be based on money because,
     in our lives after the coronavirus ,
     money will no longer exist~

*   The Fifth Dimension Business Structure
     This new business structure
     combines foundations with corporations.
     *   The foundation owns the corporation.
     *   The corporation produces the wealth.
     *   There are no money lenders.
     *   All the profits either go directly  for
          the service of We-The-People
          or to the foundation.
     *  We-The-People are the foundation's beneficiaries.
     *   This wealth production process
          creates so much wealth for We-The-People
         that scarcity disappears and with it,
          money declines in value until it value completely disappears.

Where will the profits Go?
We use the money
*   To upgrade existing infrastructure,
*   To produce new facilities for production of goods and services,
*   To educate humanity to the truth about the nature of reality.

*   To create a global communication system in which
     every home can access
     a holographic representation of reality,
*   Do you remember the "Holodeck"
    on the television and movie series Star Trek?
     That's a piece of humanity's future reality.

Products will be designed to
dramatically reduce trash production.
*   Intentional obsolescence will be eliminated.
*   Computers will be designed so that
    upgrading will only require minimum replacement of internal pieces.

*   Efficiency and modular piece creation
     of vast numbers of products will be normal.
     For example electric cords will be standardized
     into a minimum number of size.
     Lamps/ home appliances and cords will be separate components.
    Appliances will be designed to use
     one of the standard cords..
     Cords will be given to the user only when he or she
     does not already have a standard cord.

*   Crimes  will be gone, because there will no need to steal.

*   Still more changes:
For a list of the Seven major Trends go to:

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C S 18-07-16




In 2022, there will be
a complete absence of scarcity and money.  
The only place you'll find banks
is along rivers, creeks, and streams.

Here are Six Great Truths
that Will Be Common Knowledge in 2022

*1   Oneness / Unity
    We are each, we are all part of
     a single divine unified whole.

*2   We are each intimately interconnected with God.
     We are each an eternal, non-physical
God Being.

*3   We are Great Creators.

*4   Our Cosmic Context
     We live, move, and express our Being inside of
     Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
     Cosmic, Holographic Universe~.

*5   The Universe has two distinct
     and very different parts,

     one physical  and one non-physical.
     *     The Non-physical part is consciousness
     *      It'  NOT  Magic.
     *     There's  NO  Woo-Woo. 
     *     It's  NOT  Crazy.
     *     It's Pure Physics, 
          much of which most humans 
          do  not yet understand.
     Non-physical consciousness
     follows an exacting set of rules.  
     Everything we know,   everything we are
     is based on and is a function of
     non-physical consciousness.

*6   We live in a Thinking-Person's Universe.
We each create our personal reality
by our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, emotions, and expectations.

Major Changes in Social Living

*7   Service to All~ Replaces Service to Self
     Our social structure is already shifting from
     Cabal- criminal-controlled service to self
We-the-People's new normal,  Service to All.~

The Death of Money
     Our new Service to All social structure
     will produce so much wealth that
     the value of money will diminish
     until it becomes worthless, useless, no longer needed,
     dead, Dead.  DEAD!   
     and gone forever.
The Death of Money  
       How to Prepare for
          Life after The Death of Money
           What it means for you

*9   If we do not take action now,
      The multi-billion dollar opportunity for We-The-People
        will be long gone.

*10  Fifth Dimension Consciousness
     The Coronavirus will have kicked humanity
     into Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

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  More-Dramatic Changes  

On our home page, we have listed 33 Tools for Change

Here's the one we call  
The BIG Surprise!
This is a False-Belief-Busting disclosure of
an evidence-based truth that will completely shatter
a major, false beliefs about our life on Earth.

South pole Land
Entrance to inside te Earth

Change    Thirty-Three-Tools-for-Change

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C S 18-07-16




Before we can have a meaningful discussion of the health risks,
you need to know the Context, the Setting and
the Circumstances in which we find ourselves.

May I share with you an overview of
     the ignored, evidence based truth 
     about What and Who humans really are?

You can find an extended discussion of this at:
Physics of Consciousness       How the Universe Functions      


True-Nature-of-Humanity       True-Nature-of-Humanity
     Here's what humans actually are:

We are Divine Beings.
     You and I and everyone else, are
     all part of a single, divine, unified whole.~

We are all 
  ***   Eternal   (timeless)  
    ***   Invisible   (to the human eyes),
      ***   Non-physical,
        ***   Multi-dimensional,
          ***   Self-aware,
            ***   Divine God-Beings~   (having a)
              ***   Human experience   (in a)
                ***   Physical body,
                  ***   Here on Earth    (in a)
                    ***   Holographic Universe.~
                      ***   We are also Great Creators.~

Our individual consciousness is part of
our collective consciousness.  
Our Holographic experiences are all
observer-created  and  observer-controlled. 

We are
extensions of
aspects of
sparks of
holographic images of 
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess. 
Together and collectively, we are God.

Our Higher-Self  /  Our Soul-Self
On the soul level,
we each are a combination of
every life we have ever lived.


The second factor you'd be wise to be aware of is that
control of Earth has been taken over by evil beings.
The Coronavirus is part of the process of
humanity breaking out of secret slavery
into a new Service to All Social Structure.

Deception -- The Ultimate 3rd D. Weapon  
                   The Invisible Prison

The Bottom Line:
We are prisoners of our beliefs.

When we learn and understand what the evidence tells us
about what and who we are:
*   Fear of dying disappears.

*   Fear of the Coronavirus disappears.
*   Fear of the Cabal Criminals disappears.

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C S 18-07-16




A recent World Health Organization (WHO) report,
tells us that it's rare for a healthy person
to spread the Coronavirus. The report tells us
that the virus is spread almost exclusively
by people expressing the symptoms
of the viral infection

"The Facts:
New statements from the World Health Organization admit what many censored scientists kept saying, that this virus does not spread as easily as was assumed."

"Reflect On:
Was there truly a need for a lockdown? Did governments really listen to the right voices with their decisions? Was there another agenda at play and that is why so many correct voices were censored?"

"Now that contact tracing is underway around the world, data is beginning to make it clear how this virus spreads. While there are instances of asymptomatic coronavirus patients transmitting the virus to others, they are certainly not the main reason why the virus spreads. This information comes from World Health Organization press conference that took place Monday, June 8th, 2020."

WHO Data Suggests It’s “Very Rare” For COVID-19 To Spread Through Asymptomatic People – Collective Evolution

Look at the chart below and become aware that
if you are healthy, particularly
if you are also under 50 years old,
you have very little to personally fear about this virus.

If you personally experience the virus,
you will feel bad for a few days and
to prevent spreading the virus,
you will need to isolate yourself for a couple of weeks.

The over all death rate is about 1%
The vast majority of fatalities
(about 80%) are among people
who are already sick with some other disease
or their lifestyle compromises their immune system,
such as smoking cigarettes..

Here are statistics from a video by Greg Braden
From "Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention"
Fatalities by Age
0-10                               0
10-19    xx                       2/10 of 1%
20-29   xx                       2/10 of 1%
30-39   xx                       2/10 of 1%
40-49   xxxx                   4/10 of 1%

50-59   xxxxxxxxxx xxx          1.3%

60-69   xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx      3.6%

70-79   xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
             xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx     8%

80+       xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
             xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
             xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
             xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx                            14.8%

Lifestyle Factors
Many human health factors are the result of self-chosen lifestyles.
Diseases and other factors compromise our immune system.   
Examples:     Poor diet,   Excessive use of alcohol,    Smoking,  
Being overweight,     High blood pressure,     Diabetes,     Asthma,
Lack of body activities like walking, yoga, etc.
Heart disases and conditions,      Chemotherapy radiation,    
Recent cancer.

How to Stay Healthy
Eat live foods.     Fresh fruits and vegetables.
Avoid highly processed foods.
Avoid harmful foods, like    GMO,, 
Eat food supplements
Conscious breathing techniques
Keep your body active with:
Movement,   Walk,   Exercise.  
     Yoga,   Dance,    and the like.
Realizing Who and What  we are 

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C S 18-07-16




Safety Precautions related to the coronavirus:
What to do   --  What not to do
Protect self and family - YouTube    11:00

<><><><>   <><><><>

Breathing-Practices      Breathing-Practices

Breathing technique   
To Make Blood More Alkaline  
This is a huge help for a healthy body.
2 videos          
Highly Recommended
                       (sickness is acid / health is Alkaline)
Breathing Techniques:

Wim Hof breathing tutorial -
YouTube  10:07  Watch this first,
then, let the second video guide you
as you practice intentional breathing.
Guided Wim Hof Method Breathing - YouTube

Coronavirus Free Breathing Exercises by Patrick McKeown - YouTube 

<><><><>   <><><><>

Fluoride in our water supply and/or in our tooth paste
and/or in your mouthwash
is NOT  (I repeat)  is NOT about dental health.
It is about calcifying / crystalizing  the human pineal gland to
prevent your third eye from opening.
When your third eye opens,
you will know the truth about
what and who you really are.
That will break evil's strangle hold on your mind.

A Simple, Home-made Toothpaste
*   Coconut Oil    
*   Baking Soda   
*  A flavoring such as mint
Warm the coconut oil until it melts.
Stir in baking soda  and allow it to cool.
Test the proportion s until you get the right consistency
Add flavoring or not, at you own discretion
Use old store-bought tooth paste
 to clean out dirty sticky corners of gooey-greasy-grud
in the dark corners in your bathroom and kitchen.


Using Accurate Language
Social Distancing is Cabal language,
     implying that our fellow humans are something to fear.
Physical Distancing is a much more appropriate language
*   Our fellow humans are our greatest asset.
*   We have absolutely nothing to fear from any human
     who is part of the rapidly-growing numbers
     of self-aware humans.
*   In social situation, maintaining body from body distancing
    is simply a very temporary safety precaution.

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C S 18-07-16




Of course there is grief for the loss of Lloved ones.
Yes, there are personal tragedies,
And then, there is the ignored perspective about leaving Earth life.


True-Nature-of-Humanity       True-Nature-of-Humanity

May I share with you
     the ignored, evidence based truth 
     about What and Who humans really are?

When you learn and understand what the evidence tells us,
     fear of dying disappears.
     Here's what humans actually are:

We are Divine Beings.
     You and I and everyone else, are
     all part of a single, divine, unified whole.~

We are all 
  ***   Eternal   (timeless)  
    ***   Invisible   (to the human eyes),
      ***   Non-physical,
        ***   Multi-dimensional,
          ***   Self-aware,
            ***   Divine God-Beings~   (having a)
              ***   Human experience   (in a)
                ***   Physical body,
                  ***   Here on Earth    (in a)
                    ***   Holographic Universe.~
                      ***   We are also Great Creators.~

Our individual consciousness is part of
our collective consciousness.  
Our Holographic experiences are all
observer-created  and  observer controlled. 

We are extensions of,
aspects of,
sparks of,
holographic images of,
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess. 
Together and collectively, we are God.

Our Higher-Self  /  Our Soul-Self
On the soul level,
we each are a combination of
every life
we have ever lived.

When we understand the true perspective of
What and Who we each are,
leaving our physical form is
(and I quote one of the Eastern Yoga Masters)
"About as important as taking off a set of clothing."


How this Relates to Dying from Coronavirus:

We have reached the accelerated rate of change
     in the shift, the transition
     from third dimension service to self
     to Fifth dimension
     and into a Service to All social structure.
There are those among us who are not ready,
     not yet able to handle this huge  increase
     in their personal rate of vibration.  
These people are simply leaving Earth, 
     returning to Source Consciousness
     where they will choose to incarnate somewhere else
     to continue the evolution of their personal consciousness.

Fear is a Cabal-induced emotion.
It is promoted by evil to keep us as their unconscious slaves.
If you are in fear, feel it for a moment and then, let it go
and focus your attention on something else.
For example:
     The way to receive Llove
          is to focus our attention
              on giving Llove.

The Bottom Line:
     We are All Llove.
     We are all God-Beings.
     We are all safe

So, your job, if you choose to accept it is to
                              Just be.

What you just read is a small piece of a big picture.
For a more detailed description of
What and Who you and all other Humans Really are, please go to:

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C S 18-06-22




It's a Cabal-criminal Mind-Control Machine.
Every TV in your home is a propaganda-peddling machine.

*   When you watch TV, you may be being entertained,
     but, you are also being indoctrinated with
     the Cabal's  false belief system.
*   You will receive both   Lies of Commission    
     and     Lies of Omission
*   To lie by omission is to intentionally leave out
     vital pieces of information.

<><><><>   <><><><>
Separate-from-God         Separate-from-God

*    Here's the most damaging Lie of omission
    in all of human history:

     Humans are separate from God.

*   We CANNOT be separated from God because
     we each  are      a piece of,     a part of,    an aspect of,
     and an expression of    GOD.

*   You and I and every other  human being
      are  eternal, non physical,  divine beings.
     We are God-beings.   Collectively, Earth Humans
      are  the leading  edge in the evolution of God-Consciousness.
     According to cosmic plan,
     Earth-Humans are the first civilization to in-mass
     bring God-Consciousness into physical form.
     Hundreds of thousands of us will become Human Christos.

*   We are all together as one complete, single, unified whole.
*   You are inside of God, and yet
     that incredibly vital piece of information
      is intentionally being withheld.
      You are told the lie that you are outside of God.
Also See:

For sleepwalking humans, their  brain takes in
whatever the propaganda peddlers
are peddling.

Your brain is a powerful creation machine.  
When you focus your attention on something, anything,
The Universal Law of Thought
gives you a physical experience
to match your dominant thoughts.

So, if you want to get beyond the reach of
Cabal peddled sheyitt-consciousness,~
<><><>   <><><><>

*   Go onto the internet.   Go to
     Adventures in Fifth Dimension Consciousness
*   There you will find literally hundreds of links
     to hundreds of experts in a vast number of
     relevant areas of information.  
*   Find something that interests you and
     begin learning about whatever turns you on.

<><><><>   <><><><>

Millions of people identified themselves with their job.
Then, along comes Coronavirus   playing   Mrs. Cosmic-Clean
and POOF, millions are saying,
"I no longer have a job.  My job no longer exists."

re there any other ways to self-identify?
Q.   I've been told that I  am a God-Being,
     but I don't know what that means.
A.     Then, put that  idea on the self in your closet, for now.

Q.   Since the old ways and my job will never return,
     what shall I become and what shall I do?
     I Llove being of service.
A.   The two most vital and urgent requirements
      at this time, are  Food and Information.

Q.  I am kind.   I am Courteous / polite.    
     I am compassionate.   Helping others makes me feel good.
     I want to be of service but I don't know what to do.

     How can I be of service?
     What  can I do that would benefit my fellow humans
     in the area of food and/or information, or something else?

A..   Get together with others of like mind and
     create something of value.
     *   Then imagine your own, small version/variation
          of the Foundation / Corporation / Partnership.~,     
      *   Follow the Service to All~ principle
          and share your creations with each other and
          exchange services with other teams.
     One or millions of people may receive
     the benefits of you creations.
*   If you participate in creating We-The-Peoples'
     monthly, Full-Moon Celebrations of
     Source/ Creator's gifts of Life and Llove,
     your benefits could affect literally billions of people.

THissection, What to Do Now
is continued in on the page titled: 
"It's Time to Share."

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C S 18-07-16




*11   Full Moon Celebrations of Llove
     Simply, rapidly and dramatically
     shift human consciousness
     into awareness of
Who And What Humans Really Are
by your  participating in
Full-Moon Celebrations of Life and Llove.

*12   Home and Community Grown Organic Food
    Take back control of producing/ growing
     our own local food supply.
     We can easily begin creating a mutually-supporting network of
     Home and Community Organic Gardens.

 Fulfill the Ultimate Worthy Cause
     We have all the money required to
     avoid an otherwise inevitable
     trillion dollar economic, and social disaster.
      Our challenge is accessing the people
     who have millions of dollars
     that will soon lose its value and become worthless..
      It's still valuable today, but
     when the Cabal, fraudulent 3rd-D financial system crashes,
    that money will become worthless.

Several billion dollars are sitting idle
      waiting for us.
     All we have to do is
     learn three of the most basic principles of economics
     and them put them into action.
The Living Library of Human and Cosmic Knowledge

A One Million Dollar finders fee is waiting here for you.

What to Do Now
is continued in on the page title 
It's Time to Share."

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C S 18-07-16




In the entirety of everything
     Consciousness is King.
          The FIRST call    
                    in EVERY situation
                         is CONSCIOUSNESS.

We cannot solve problems with physical activity
without first understanding

I'm not talking about facts like
third dimension biology, or economics.
I'm referring to:
*   What humans are,
*   Who each and every one of us is,
*   The untapped potential we carry,
*   The Cosmic Context we are in,
*   The secret slave system
     currently controlling most of humanity.
*   Where are you?  
     You are a God-Being living a human life
     in a holographic reality.
*   The holograph is controlled by
     a cosmic-level computer system.

Why are we here on Earth at this time?
    To wake each other up and
     usher in the age of enlightenment.

*   Who or what is presently controlling
     our social, economic, political, religious, 
     and environmental systems?
*   We must face the aspects of reality
     into which the consequences of
     the coronavirus is forcing us.

*   We are not in control,
     but we can be in control
     if we choose to wake up.

*   Our present global and personal circumstances:
     The first thing to learn is that you have been
     thoroughly and repeatedly mind programmed
     to run away from anything
     that threatens to disrupt
     your present, fairytale, belief system.

Part of our new job is to
create a new style of relating to
our fellow humans and
relating to our fellow,
non human passengers on space ship Earth.
We must learn how to give them
much greater consideration.
We are NOT here to subdue the Earth.
That implies that we are separate from Earth.

We are intimately interconnected with Sacred Mother Earth.
We are stewards of our environment.
How are you going to use the above information
to improve your own and everybody else's physical Earth life?

Most humans on Earth
do NOT know
Sheyitt from apple butter about
the topics on the above list.
This includes our so-called leaders.

99% of humanity are still slaves.
They are controlled by lies, illusions and false beliefs.
The first lie is that,
most people are still denying
that they are mind controlled.

Living from a space of joy is our first mission.
Living in  Joy  cancels / blocks out fear and misery.
There is NO joy when living in sheyitt Consciousness.

Beliefs control our lives.
Weather they are true of false is irrelevant.
If you believe it, the belief colors and controls your behavior.
We are presently living in a 99% false reality.
You've been mind manipulated to believe in lies, fairytales and illusions.